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Após mais de vinte dias presa no Texas, a pernambucana Karla Janine Albuquerque foi liberada pela Justiça americana para responder o processo em liberdade. Ela é acusada de sequestrar a própria filha Amy, de seis anos. A brasileira que morava na Flórida alega que fugiu com medo do ex-marido, um americano de 53 anos que teria abusado sexualmente da filha do casal. AcheiUSA is not responsible for the opinions expressed by its contributing writers, neither for the content of the advertised material on it. Signed articles do not represent the opinion of the newspaper.

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In the face of the emergence of countless artists who constitute popular culture declaring themselves evangelicals, the main objective of this article is to investigate the meanings, styles and effects of their testimony narratives. More precisely, we seek to analyze how different media devices books, television, internet act in the production of their religious subjectivities, verifying how effective are the relations of pentecostalism with the mass media in the present day. Based on the case study of an evangelical celebrity, we seek to analyze more specifically how communicative technologies offer other meanings as we commonly know the manifestation of these typical Christian speech acts. In addition, we will also find out how the family universe becomes important in the construction of these witness narratives, thanks to a series of media connections established between the narrator and his kinship.


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